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Lumbar Back Cradle Moulded

Product ID: C488

You probably have a favorite chair, one that gives you proper support and ample comfort.  But what happens when you’re sitting somewhere else? The solution is the molded foam back cradle, a comfortable, versatile backrest. This molded lumbar cushion promotes healthy posture in any chair while providing proper lumbar support.  You’ll sit straighter and feel better, with increased comfort and reduced back pain.

The molded foam back cradle features a deluxe velour fabric cover. A positioning belt is sold separately.

A bucket seat version maximizes comfort and support while driving. It   fits most standard bucket seats and makes long drives more comfortable  Positioning belt sold separately.

  • Promotes healthy posture. 
  • Deluxe, velour fabric cover.
  • Available in black, and blue.


  • Regular,Blue-Item #C488BL  Please Login to view Price
  • Regular,Black-Item #C488BLK  Please Login to view Price
  • Bucketseat,Blue-Item #C489BL  Please Login to view Price
  • Bucketseat,Black-Item #C489BLK  Please Login to view Price

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