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Automatic Developer
Product ID: ADEV

Balanced Speed and Contrast with Low Fog for Maximum Diagnostic Detail on All X-ray Film

If you have enjoyed the detail that Chemblend® 3-part Developer gave you, but didn’t enjoy the shipping surcharge for the acetic acid, now you can have it both ways! H.R. Simon has kept the working formula the same, but now Chemblend®2 2-part Developer is DOT non-hazardous, which eliminates UPS HAZMAT surcharges.
Chemblend 2 2-part Developer has an excellent shelf life. Radiology departments consistently report excellent Quality Assurance, equalling the top performance of Chemblend 3-part developer.

It’s fair to say that Chemblend2 2-part Developer is the new industry standard for liquid concentrate x-ray developer. You won’t have to change a thing about how you process – you’ll just have to get used to not paying more for shipping.

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