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Comfort Gel Pack
Product ID: CGP

Can be used for Hot (microwave/stovetop) or Cold therapy.
Great advertising medium (
when personalized)
Remains flexible when frozen
Non-Toxic / Latex Free
General use instructions printed on the Gel Pack
Can be customized with your logo(One time 25 dollar charge)

Comes in many different sizes.
Call for personalization 800-334-6427
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  • 4inX4.5in Personalized 70 Packs/Case-Item #CGP445P
  • 4inX4.5in Non- Personalized 70 Packs/Case-Item #CGP445N
  • 4inX9in Personalized 50 Packs/Case-Item #CGP49P
  • 4inX9in Non- Personalized 50 Packs/Case-Item #CGP49N
  • 6inX7in Personalized 30 Packs/Case-Item #CGP67P
  • 6inX7in Non- Personalized 30 Packs/Case-Item #CGP67N
  • 6inX10in Personalized 30 Packs/Case-Item #CGP610P
  • 6inX10in Non- Personalized 30 Packs/Case-Item #CGP610N
  • 10inX15in Personalized 12 Packs/Case-Item #CGP1015P
  • 10inX15in Non- Personalized 12 Packs/Case-Item #CGP1015N
  • 9inX12in Personalized 24 Packs/Case-Item #CGP912P
  • 9inX12in Non- Personalized 24 Packs/Case-Item #CGP912N
  • 5inX18in Personalized 24 Packs/Case-Item #CGP518P
  • 5inX18in Non- Personalized 24 Packs/Case-Item #CGP518N


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