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Rayence Xmaru 1717SGC/SCC Fixed, Flat-Panel DR

Product ID: RayenceDRFixed
Upgrade to True, Flat-Panel Technology. 

The Xmaru 1717 detector allows you to experience True
Flat-Panel Digital Imaging Technology without modifying the
existing cassette bucky tray. Its 15mm thickness allows
existing systems using film or CR to be easily upgraded.
Its minimized dead space allows the user to take images of
large surface areas without difficulty. The Xmaru1717SGC
is a universal and economical digital solution designed to
meet your radiology department requirements. 

Improved Workflow through Immediate
Image Capture

Using the Xmaru1717SGC/SCC will speed up your workflow
and provide additional flexibility eliminating additional work
such as film developing for analog x-ray systems,
cassette processing, etc. In particular, it reduces image
preview time to just 3 seconds to help you finalize the body
position of patients, thereby significantly reducing the wait
time for both patients and staff.

Wide Image Area, Significantly Reduced Dead Space
By adopting a 17" x 17" size differentiated from existing
films and CR image size, the Xmaru1717SGC/SCC allows images
of various body parts to be taken without detector rotation.
With dead space being reduced to 18.7mm, the
Xmaru1717SGC provides a simple installation environment
without any wasted image area. 

Lightweight - 11.6 lbs.
No Hardware Integration
Uses Existing Cassette Tray
Auto-Trigger Software
Streamline Communications with
   Acquisition Software
Small & Reliable Power Supply
Installation Less Than 1 Hour

Active Area 423mm x 423mm
Sensor Type Amorphous Silicon with
   TFT (Single Panel)
Number of Active Pixel 3328 x 3328
Pixel Pitch 127um
Limiting Resolution 3.9 lp/mm
A/D Conversion 14 bit
Data Acquisition Time 3 Seconds
Generator Voltage Range 40 ~ 150 kV
Dimension 460mm x 460mm x
Weight 11.6 lbs
Application Medical, Chiropractic,

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