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Rayence Xmaru 1717WCC/WGC Wireless, Flat-Panel DR
Product ID: 1717WCC
   The new, ergonomically-designed Rayence C-Series Cesium Iodide and Gadolinium Oxysulfide wireless detectors are designed to offer new levels of handling, functionality and exceptional diagnostic image quality in the x-ray room and beyond. 

  • Ergonomic Design: Curved, tapered edges and a non-slip surface makes lifting and handling easier. 
  • Superb Image Quality: The high Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) achieves superb image quality with low patient dose. 
  • Magnetic Battery Charger
  • IPX6 Water Resistant: Resistant to most typical water spills in a hospital as well as outdoor applications
  • Lightweight and Fast: Weighs only 7.7 lbs. Image preview occurs in less than 2 seconds.
  • Durability, Supports up to 660 lbs. Seamless magnesium unibody construction is combined with a shock, vibration and scratch-resistant carbon fiber composition. 
  • Image Storage: 200 Images
  • Room Sharing Functionality
  • Auto-Triggering Technology
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