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Rayence Xmaru VetView Imaging Software
Product ID: XVVSW

Rayence introduces their latest acquisition software for the veterinary market, the Xmaru VetView.  The Xmaru VetView console is at the heart of what drives the Xmaru Panel Series to its full potential.  Xmaru VetView uses the industry’s best animal image algorithm parameters for the highest quality diagnostic images. Designed with workflow and efficiency in mind, the Xmaru VetView was developed specifically for the veterinary environments.

The Xmaru VetView comes with standard features like DICOM Modality Work List (MWL), DICOM Printing, and DVD/CD Burning with viewer.  We provide you the ability export images as JPEG, TIF, GIF, & BITMAP. The Xmaru VetView comes with image mirroring, backup and restoration solutions for disaster recovery on our workstations.  With a simple work flow and high end image quality, the Xmaru VetView software is the best in its class for today’s veterinarians.

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Easy & Intuitive GUI

Friendly Operator Console
Fully integrated solution: ties right into the flat panel detector
Supports various workflows

DICOM Compliant 

DICOM Standard 3.0
Easily integrated into your existing clinical network
Sending, Storing, printing, CD burning, and other features improve your workflow

Optimized Workflowprocedure Manager

Take an X-ray in is little as 2 mouse clicks
Customizable and automated procedures
The optimized workflow reduces operational steps & increases quality care

Excellence in Image Management

Automatic windowing & cropping for image optimization
Real-time viewing of high quality images
Multiple study comparision: up to four

Measuring Tools

ROI - Rectangle
ROI - Circle
L Marker
R Marker
Delete Annotation
Delete All Annotation
Black Rectangle
Line Segment
Free Draw
Clock Face VD
Clock Face LAT
Quadriceps Femoris Angle
Vertebral Heart Score 

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